Cooking…and why i love it


I absolutely love cooking, although I think I love baking a little bit more 🙂 and I’m always looking for new ideas for tea time.

I admit I am a serial recipe hoarder, but I just love going threw them on a grey day, planning what to try next!

I  love hearing what other people have made wether it be from a cook book/friends recipe/family recipe and how inexpensive ingredients can be turned into a feast 🙂 I love fresh/free range produce, I love growing things to eat, I love trying new dishes and trying to re-create things I’ve seen. I try to eat healthily but I definitely do not deny myself a treat every so often 🙂

I like most food but a lot of my main meals consist of chicken, fish and beef, although lately I have started replacing minced beef with quorn/supermarket own brand veggie mince.

The best way to enjoy food is either in the sunshine or snuggled up with a blanket, depending on what time of year it is,and it always makes it better if it’s with loved ones.

It’s the thing I look forward to at the end of the day, it can turn a bad day into a good one 🙂

I would say I haven’t tried anything too ‘fidley’ my style is probably best described as home cooking a bit rustic and now the summers coming I am looking forward to BBQ’s in the garden, home-grown tomatoes lots of fresh veg and trying out some new recipes, so if you’ve got some good ones …share the love :))


4 thoughts on “Cooking…and why i love it

  1. ‘Rustic!’ A good way of describing what we do in the kitchen 🙂 My BFF has a lot more money – and lives in the US – so she makes some serious food: a BBQ grilled vegetable salad?!? I can’t compete!

    • oooh I love BBQ’s i plan to be a bit more adventurous and try some random things like sea food, squash and halloumi on the BBQ this summer, I’ve done fish and veg but I’m thinking more along the lines of glazes and salsa’s to spice it up a bit 🙂

      • I’ve not grilled halloumi yet! I like it right out of the plastic 🙂 I can’t drag the hubby away from the grill – not sure if you’d let the man near it, but use caution if you do! Something about open flames makes them get a bit primitive 🙂

  2. Yea totally agree all the men see a BBQ and you can see them change in front of your eyes… ‘fire’ ‘me cook food’ lol, even if it is black and charred they are still proud 😀

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