Things i Love <3

ok here goes:Helping people, Charity work, Bubble baths, times when all feels right with the world (usually late at night when there has been alcohol consumption) 😀 ,children’s books,friendly ppl,Happy Memories,Animals, respect, unusual buttons, rainbows, reliable friends, butterfly’s,bows,tattoos,coconut flavour,Bailey’s with ice, Pina Colada’s,children’s sweets like sherbet dips,white milk buttons, face paints,Galaxy chocolate, dressing up, fluffy/soft fabric,peacock feathers,white feathers (angel wings) ,magpies,sun sets,the sea, photographs (captures a moment for ever), BBQ’s,Making things, growing things,Nature, the sound of rain fall, a good storm 🙂 massages,being loved, being in love, fore head kisses, toe tees, making snow men,the shape of a snow flake, writing in the sand, a real fire,wooden and glass beads,smiley people,people who make you feel at ease, ppl that aren’t afraid to look you in the eyes, old pictures,holding hands,shooting stars,tropical fish, nice unexpected txts/letters/phone calls,hot choc with whipped cream and baby marshmallows,good causes eg saving the planet/animals/rain forest community’s etc,cuddles,hot doughnuts from the peir,products NOT tested on animals!!!herbal remedies, white witch craft, anything spiritual,hand cream, lip gloss,ear muffs,sparkly things,interior design,friendship bracelets,cartoons/films that remind you of being a child,play dough,bouncy castles,pebbles,randomly finding a bargain, glass bits from the beach, my grandads house in brightlingsea,Creativity, mixed flowery china teapots and cups&Saucers,Fairy cakes,making some1 else happy, looking after ppl,loyalty,travelling, seeing new sights, Being able to trust some1, Feeling safe, laughing soo much your face hurts, ppls eye colour,the differences in ppl that make us smile,songs that have happy memory attached, clean sheets, the cold side of a pillow, clean washing smell, scented candles,everything to have a place to live in your house,watching family videos,tidiness lol,the feeling after a good night out, unusual names, starsigns,lay ins, good nights sleep, comfy beds,eating out, being cooked for,Raffello(wht choc frero roche), Things from LUSH&Body shop,chinese food,vegetarian food,italian food, Indian food,roast chic dinners 🙂 mmmmmmmm,Baking,my chocolate brownies,Going to the cinema,Patient ppl,kind ppl,warm weather,Pyjama days, my fluffy dressing gown 😀 Keeping fit, healthy eating, Children, the way there minds work/things they say and do,sweet-smelling perfume,buttery crumpets,Snuggling down with a good book and getting lost in my imagination,Dvd nights, Recycling,re-using, Charity Shop bargains, spending time with positive people who inspire me.


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